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New Payment Process for Requests:
We have shifted to a new payment process which accepts bank transfer or credit cards via Western Union and will no longer be accepting payments sent through to Connecting Up. For the updated instructions on how to process payments, kindly click here.

Get Tech

Now that you're qualified, you now have access to wide selection of discounts, donations and subscriptions! You can learn how to apply for these discounts & donations through the quick guides below.


Get Donated Licenses

TechSoup is currently partnered with today's leading technology providers like Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec and more to deliver a wide selection of donated software all under a small admin fee (equivalent to over a 95% discount compared to current market prices) to qualified organizations such as yours. To learn how to request for donated licenses, kindly see the step-by-step video guide below:

What are admin fees? The admin fees are minimal charges per license of software you request. This amount does not go back to our donors, but instead, the money we collect allows us to keep this program sustainable and accessible to you and other organizations worldwide.

Accepted payment methods can be seen here


Get Microsoft Cloud Donations

If you are looking to access larger Microsoft Cloud donations including Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure credits or Charity certification for resellers, you will be required to create a separate application

You may begin the application by clicking 'Get Started' and once approved, you will be given direct access to Microsoft's cloud donation catalogue.


Get Google for Non-Profits

If you are interested in accessing Google donations such as professional Gsuite accounts (gmail, drive & more), Google AdWords grants and YouTube Premium services, you may learn how to apply for Google for Non-Profits here.

Note: You will be required to provide your Validation token. These are only available to qualified organizations. If you already have a qualified account, you may learn how to access your token here.