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Creating Dynamic Online Trainings, and more recorded webinars

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Check out this recorded webinar and others on marketing, technology planning, fundraising, and other top nonprofit topics.

TechSoup hosted a webinar about how to Create Dynamic Online Trainings on July 26.

Janet Fouts from Tatu Digital Media and Kyle Andrei from Idealware shared tips on how to prepare, design, and execute online trainings to make them more intriguing and dynamic.

Did you miss it? You can view the recording of the event (you'll need to complete and submit a short, free registration form). Please contact if you would like to receive a transcript.

Janet Fouts discussed how to determine the type of online training for your audience, how to get organized, and tips for recording. She also shared some recommended tools for online training delivery, including email, screencasting, and online meeting software. Links to these tools can be found on the webinar archive page.

Kyle Andrei, producer of the Ask Idealware video tutorial series, shared tips for how to make online training engaging and interactive. He talked about creating short videos by breaking down larger webinars into smaller modules, and turning slideshows into interactive tutorials. He recommended a few tools, which can be found here.

Additional Resources

Are you looking for more information on creating online training? Here are some more resources from TechSoup:

TechSoup Asia also has an archive of all our recorded webinars, such as the ones below. You can link to our entire webinar archive here.


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